Possibilities Are All Around Us

Everywhere we look we see opportunity and potential in unexpected places. We share our knowledge, vision and connections. We turn great ideas into actions in communities all around the world that we call home. From fighting disease to rebuilding schools, together, we can make real change happen!


Connect with local community leaders from El Dorado County, all continents, cultures and occupations.


Discover and celebrate diverse perspectives, discover shared interests, connect diverse perspectives and foster both local and global understanding.


Service related activities for highly engaged Rotarians, partners and volunteers at both the local and global levels.

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Thursday Mornings

Apple Mountain Golf Resort
3455 Carson Road
Camino, CA 95709

Third Thursday
6:00PM Social
6:30PM Meeting

The Forester Pub and Grill
4111 Carson Road
Camino, CA 95709

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Upcoming Events 2018
Guest Speakers
BOD Meeting
Jun 27, 2019
Gary Ritz
Jul 11, 2019
co-0wner of HWY 50 Brewery.
BOD Meeting
Jul 25, 2019
? BOD meeting DG
Jul 31, 2019